Wayfinding Love is Life Coaching to create and sustain love.

Everyone deserves to find and have a love in life, anyone can create an extraordinary relationship and a lasting love relationship can be built together.

Society has changed and the advice of well-meaning people outdated. Our relationship courses bring fun and create opportunities to finding the one and sustain love.

In life, people are our landscape and who we are with embellish the journey. The Wayfinding approach to love allows you to choose the course and path to find the love you desire. As you traverse and observe the terrain on route, we provide the navigation and direction to arrive at the love you want.

Wayfinding Love is for you if you want to be with someone you’re attracted to, excites you and makes you laugh, and you think …


I’m single - life hasn’t brought me the one yet. I just want to meet someone without playing games. We train and develop you to attract and find the one and, in doing so discover what you really need and what you don’t want in love and a life partner.


I’m in a relationship - how can our relationship become mutually life-giving and extraordinary?  We develop you to sustain love that can last a lifetime.